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Art is Art | Art Affair from Mark Widdup

“I’m an artist”

My thoughts on the depreciation of the word art, its use, and application. I believe we are seeing the widespread devaluation of original art as a result. Is this appropriate? Although art’s supposed proliferation brings one to ask… What is art and its boundaries anyway?! I was speaking to a gallery visitor from Brisbane today […]

Art and Lifestyle | ArtAffair.com.au

Art and Life; Lifestyle 2013 forward

Many Australians believe we live in the best country in the world with an abundance of natural beauty. Geographically, having freedom, a stable country by world standards, politically sound(??), currently with a strong dollar, and a privileged lifestyle second to none! It is at this festive season when we reflect on our lifestyle both achieved […]

Australian Artist, Rod Bathgate

Has Australian Artist Rod Bathgate Perfected Pastel Painting?

Have you ever tried using a pastel? It breaks into pieces, is dusty, dirty, and when you work/draw down the paper the palm of ones hand usually rubs the image you have just perfected! Somewhat frustrating until you learn some tricks and skills. It’s wonderful to watch a professional artist who understands the medium and […]