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James Kearns. Artist

“His relationship with the country, artistic style and the promise of future success…” Part 3 of The James Kearns Story

The Australian countryside has allured many an artist but what makes James’ vision different? Very recently paintings delivered to the gallery unframed, simply rolled up emphasised the oneness he has with the bush and its rawness. Out of necessity with the immediacy and desire applied to the art surface, his painting captures ageing, harshness on […]

James Kearns | Australian Artist

‘Taming the ‘Mickey” Part 1 of The James Kearns Story

“After a stint in rehab for alcohol, huge growth in maturity and understanding of himself, he decided he was put on this planet to create art.” MW ‘Mickey’ is aussie slang for a wild, unbranded , and untamed bull, one whose spirit runs in conflict with the intention of its handlers. Likened to this is […]

Self Managed Super Funds and Investing in Art | ArtAffair.com.au

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) The brakes are on buying art.… Why?

I have written this piece because several of our clients are still not aware of this change in circumstances and how it affects them. The previous Federal Government (Labor) in July 2011, removed the incentives for trustees to purchase art via a Self Managed Super fund! This act directly effected businesses i.e. those involved with […]

inherited art art affair

Inherited art – New generations may dump the baby with the bathwater!

It has been my observation that parents and grandparent’s artwork is not generally appreciated by the following generation!! This can be for several reasons – perhaps they never introduced them to the art or took the time to explain, or never explained their passion and fascination with collecting beautiful and unique objects, or a range […]

Art is Art | Art Affair from Mark Widdup

“I’m an artist”

My thoughts on the depreciation of the word art, its use, and application. I believe we are seeing the widespread devaluation of original art as a result. Is this appropriate? Although art’s supposed proliferation brings one to ask… What is art and its boundaries anyway?! I was speaking to a gallery visitor from Brisbane today […]

Art and Lifestyle | ArtAffair.com.au

Art and Life; Lifestyle 2013 forward

Many Australians believe we live in the best country in the world with an abundance of natural beauty. Geographically, having freedom, a stable country by world standards, politically sound(??), currently with a strong dollar, and a privileged lifestyle second to none! It is at this festive season when we reflect on our lifestyle both achieved […]

Bruce Rowland, Mark Widdup and a CHG client | Art Collection Advice | Art Affair | Mark Widdup

Australian Art Collection Advice from Mark Widdup

WHY COLLECT ART? The visual arts have been appreciated and have adorned our walls and living spaces for centuries. It has been acknowledged as an asset, an expression of wealth and decoration over the ages. Furthermore it has been viewed as a hedge against difficult times as a store of wealth, particularly in times of […]