James Kearns. Artist

The Australian countryside has allured many an artist but what makes James’ vision different? Very recently paintings delivered to the gallery unframed, simply rolled up emphasised the oneness he has with the bush and its rawness. Out of necessity with the immediacy and desire applied to the art surface, his painting captures ageing, harshness on […]

Mark Widdup & Australian Artist, James Kearns

My associations with James Kearns or ‘Kearnsy’ go to the more recent years after he has established a painting focus, for really quite a short period – 4 years. Underneath though art continued a passion for James however the school boy culture continued. Wild alcoholic binges would lead to fighting and challenging other males as […]

James Kearns | Australian Artist

“After a stint in rehab for alcohol, huge growth in maturity and understanding of himself, he decided he was put on this planet to create art.” MW ‘Mickey’ is aussie slang for a wild, unbranded , and untamed bull, one whose spirit runs in conflict with the intention of its handlers. Likened to this is […]

Art gallery commission on art sales | ArtAffair.com.au

Firstly and one of the most primary is they provide a market place for an artist’s work which is the only recognised real market participation/ environment that is proven. They need to have an established market price, a reputation and develop a following, independent from self marketing. Private art trading is not visible to the […]

Brett Whiteley's 'Nobby's Head and the Entrance to Newcastle'

Brett Whiteley is certainly newsworthy at the moment! In Newcastle the major sculpture titled ‘Black Totem II’ (1993) was installed at the entrance to the Newcastle Art Gallery (NAG) this week after some negotiation by NAG Director Ron Ramsey. I’m sure you have read the story as to its history, two excellent articles here:  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-10-26/brett-whiteley-statue-heading-to-newcastle/5046264 & […]

Self Managed Super Funds and Investing in Art | ArtAffair.com.au

I have written this piece because several of our clients are still not aware of this change in circumstances and how it affects them. The previous Federal Government (Labor) in July 2011, removed the incentives for trustees to purchase art via a Self Managed Super fund! This act directly effected businesses i.e. those involved with […]

'Peony Pearl' Peony Granite & Onyx, 60 x 33 12.5 CMS | ArtAffair.com.au

We know Australian’s interest in 3D art works is a cautious one in the main. They find it difficult to respond to and be relaxed with the third dimension; i.e. the depth of the artwork – it sticks out! As Roger McFarlane our current exhibitor of sculpture* often jokes and says …’sculpture is that something […]

inherited art art affair

It has been my observation that parents and grandparent’s artwork is not generally appreciated by the following generation!! This can be for several reasons – perhaps they never introduced them to the art or took the time to explain, or never explained their passion and fascination with collecting beautiful and unique objects, or a range […]

Art Affair Mark Widdup

It seems to me those without art are missing the rewards of ownership of which there are many.Art provides a setting and environment to live amongst! Imagine coming home to a house empty and void of artwork? It is pleasurable and enjoyable to collect. One can spend a lifetime developing a collection or buying infrequently. […]

Matthew Perceval, Australian Artist

Cooks Hill Galerries and Matthew Perceval have had a long standing artist/gallery relationship over 2 decades. I can therefore say Matthew is not an ordinary artist if indeed there is one! Matthew has come from an art dynasty, perhaps a background most of us can’t understand. He comes from significant Australian artistic families namely the […]