Mark Widdup

Mark Widdup is passionate about Australia art. For over 40 years Mark has been hanging the colours of talented Australian artists and working with individuals and businesses helping them to purchase, collect, and invest in Australian art.

Mark has a keen eye for emerging talent and has supported Australian artists and their careers through good times and more difficult times.

He has relentlessly featured a new art exhibition every month at the Cooks Hill Galleries for over 39 years. His gallery represents an eclectic array of Australia’s most experienced and established artists. Personally Mark has a penchant for beautiful and invigorating landscapes however appreciates art in all its forms.

Mark’s reputation in sourcing artworks for individuals and collections is outstanding and he is always available to discuss art with new and existing clients.

The Cooks Hill Galleries is regarded as Newcastle and the Hunter Valley’s premiere commercial art gallery featuring 2D and 3D professional Australian contemporary art with a new exhibition each month.

Featuring work from established Australian artists of reputation including but not limited to Whiteley, Dickerson, Nolan, Blackman, Perceval, Boyd, Pro Hart, Friend, Lindsay, Drysdale, Storrier.

For a comprehensive listing of all the artists we represent and to browse and buy securely please visit the Cooks Hill Galleries website at or connect with us on Facebook at You can connect with Mark on Linkedin here:

If you would like to purchase, invest, require guidance, or for a valuation don’t hesitate to contact Mark Widdup.

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