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Tracey Smith, artist

5 Tips for Selecting Art

Do you know what you are looking for?? I can hazard a guess, probably not or at best you think you have an idea! However did you know there is more art in the market place now than any other time previously, literally millions of artworks or what is mistakenly called art is in circulation! If […]

mark widdup

What do we want? A reflection on New Years Day 2015

What do we want? Hot, wet, humid without turkey or ham with less formality and the cricket season has started. The tennis tragic waiting for the first of the championship series in Perth followed by Brisbane, Sydney and the ‘Australian Open’ in Melbourne. When you have time I lament the newspapers are smaller – less […]

steve glassborow

A Hint of the Whimsical and a Touch of Magic From a Master Artisan

Steve Glassborow is a frequent exhibitor at the Cooks Hill Galleries, who as a rule has presented a successful yearly exhibition for nearly two decades! An incredible achievement from any artist. Glassborow is an active professional sculptor, formerly trained in the UK he is usually associated with bronze figurative sculpture. 2014 sees him offering a […]

Sidney Nolan Art

This ANZAC Day Spare a Thought…

My father, born 1921, died 3 years ago, was of the mindset or generation who deliberately chose not to talk about his war years! In fact, as far as I recall most of his experience or memorabilia was never presented to the family. My children, in more recent years encouraged my father to reveal old […]

Art gallery commission on art sales |

Art gallery commission on art sales – What do artists get for their money?

Firstly and one of the most primary is they provide a market place for an artist’s work which is the only recognised real market participation/ environment that is proven. They need to have an established market price, a reputation and develop a following, independent from self marketing. Private art trading is not visible to the […]

Self Managed Super Funds and Investing in Art |

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) The brakes are on buying art.… Why?

I have written this piece because several of our clients are still not aware of this change in circumstances and how it affects them. The previous Federal Government (Labor) in July 2011, removed the incentives for trustees to purchase art via a Self Managed Super fund! This act directly effected businesses i.e. those involved with […]

inherited art art affair

Inherited art – New generations may dump the baby with the bathwater!

It has been my observation that parents and grandparent’s artwork is not generally appreciated by the following generation!! This can be for several reasons – perhaps they never introduced them to the art or took the time to explain, or never explained their passion and fascination with collecting beautiful and unique objects, or a range […]

Art Affair Mark Widdup

What turns you on?

It seems to me those without art are missing the rewards of ownership of which there are many.Art provides a setting and environment to live amongst! Imagine coming home to a house empty and void of artwork? It is pleasurable and enjoyable to collect. One can spend a lifetime developing a collection or buying infrequently. […] Australian Art

The art of passion, have you got it?

I was reminded by a question asked of me this week, what do you like about working at the gallery? I was tested for a moment and then commenced to suggest the primary enjoyment is discovering, viewing and qualifying fine artworks. It doesn’t matter if it is amateur, mid career artist or an established artist. […]

Art and Lifestyle |

Art and Life; Lifestyle 2013 forward

Many Australians believe we live in the best country in the world with an abundance of natural beauty. Geographically, having freedom, a stable country by world standards, politically sound(??), currently with a strong dollar, and a privileged lifestyle second to none! It is at this festive season when we reflect on our lifestyle both achieved […]