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Art gallery commission on art sales |

Art gallery commission on art sales – What do artists get for their money?

Firstly and one of the most primary is they provide a market place for an artist’s work which is the only recognised real market participation/ environment that is proven. They need to have an established market price, a reputation and develop a following, independent from self marketing. Private art trading is not visible to the […]

'Peony Pearl' Peony Granite & Onyx, 60 x 33 12.5 CMS |

Sculpture – who needs it, relates to it and knows what to do with it?

We know Australian’s interest in 3D art works is a cautious one in the main. They find it difficult to respond to and be relaxed with the third dimension; i.e. the depth of the artwork – it sticks out! As Roger McFarlane our current exhibitor of sculpture* often jokes and says …’sculpture is that something […] Australian Art

The art of passion, have you got it?

I was reminded by a question asked of me this week, what do you like about working at the gallery? I was tested for a moment and then commenced to suggest the primary enjoyment is discovering, viewing and qualifying fine artworks. It doesn’t matter if it is amateur, mid career artist or an established artist. […]

William Dobell Australian Artist

Australian Artist William Dobell is just next door !!!

William Dobell (Sir) (b. 24/9/1899 – 13/5/1970) Cooks Hill Galleries is in its 39th year of business. Actually the galleries birthday is 16th August! When I purchased the gallery building it was just 1/3 of the size it is today! Years after purchasing the building my father said to me ‘you bought the wrong building, […]

Art is Art | Art Affair from Mark Widdup

“I’m an artist”

My thoughts on the depreciation of the word art, its use, and application. I believe we are seeing the widespread devaluation of original art as a result. Is this appropriate? Although art’s supposed proliferation brings one to ask… What is art and its boundaries anyway?! I was speaking to a gallery visitor from Brisbane today […]

Australian Artist, Rod Bathgate

Has Australian Artist Rod Bathgate Perfected Pastel Painting?

Have you ever tried using a pastel? It breaks into pieces, is dusty, dirty, and when you work/draw down the paper the palm of ones hand usually rubs the image you have just perfected! Somewhat frustrating until you learn some tricks and skills. It’s wonderful to watch a professional artist who understands the medium and […]

Australian Artist Harry Pidgeon in his Art Studio at Home. Buy art online at ARTAFFAIR.COM.AU

A glimpse of Harry Pidgeon, Australian Artist at Home

Harry Pidgeon is one of our established exhibiting Australian artists at Cooks Hill Galleries. These photos are with his wife at their home south of Sydney. As you would expect by Harry’s meticulous art style his studio is a reflection of this – clean as a pin! Watercolour painters always astound me as they often […]