About Art Affair

Art Affair | Collecting Australian art. Buying and selling Australian art. Australian art investment advice. Australian art commentary.

Art Affair is a place for Mark Widdup to share his Australian art knowledge, developed over 40 years of being an integral part of the Australian art industry. As an active commercial art gallery owner dealing with peoples art requests, purchase, investment and art related inquiries I have the foundation of knowledge to understand what Australian art followers and buyers seek to know about the Australian art market.

Informative Australian art knowledge is provided with a relaxed style of writing, designed to give the reader an insight into the wonderful world of art! I encourage readers to respond to blog posts!

Dealing in 2D and 3D Australian art, I will cover a wide scope of artwork and styles, from the professional artist to the developing, giving you background to artworks, the artists and anecdotal stories that will delight and entertain!

On an Australian art advice aspect of the Art Affair blog, I will explore Australian art selection criteria, Australian art investment, maintaining and monitoring of an Australian art collection, presentation, restoration, buying selling Australian art, art values and collecting art.

It is my belief we all have an art interest or an appreciation of some sort, however we may not have realised it at this stage of life, or more likely never received an entrée to art?

I also believe we live a more enriched life when we have art around us! …. and note, one’s art interest doesn’t just stop after acquiring a few artworks either. It can be a lifelong interest, which can be shared with family and friends thereby developing our lifestyle.

It adds to our quality of life.

So who can be without art?


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