What do we want? A reflection on New Years Day 2015

What do we want? Hot, wet, humid without turkey or ham with less formality and the cricket season has started. The tennis tragic waiting for the first of the championship series in Perth followed by Brisbane, Sydney and the ‘Australian Open’ in Melbourne.

When you have time I lament the newspapers are smaller – less content.

Some of you are ‘talked out’ after the first stage of the festive season. And now it is new year’s day again- a last minute trip to the Bottle O to stock up after a liquid outflow? Again are we surprised at how the grog supplies dwindle?

Have you been to the beach to reserve your sand plot on any popular beach in Australia! The killer is the unpacked or forgotten? I can’t go anywhere without sunglasses and a beach towel is always good to remember! Checked your swimmers since last summer! How do they fit? Or forgot about that sunscreen stain from the previous year. Let’s stop by the shops for a quick purchase before heading to the beach in the bottle necked traffic only to discover car parks near the beach are as rare as!!!

mark widdup
Been to Bondi Beach lately? My tip is, feed the parking meter. The traffic enforcers, present their mean streak always at this time of the year. We all understand the parking fines are going to a worthy cause… not!

Have you completed your new years resolution list? – You better get started! They say those who have documented their resolutions have more fortune of them becoming true?

So where does art come into this New Years resolution? Purely my opinion and my wish is that we remind ourselves of the pleasures we have from living with and sharing our art with friends, family and visitors.

I would like to put out the challenge to buy at least one artwork during 2015. It will make you feel good and happy. One of life’s treasures that continues to ‘give’!

If you develop your taste in art – or fall out of love with an artwork – that’s OK. We all review, question, change our likes and art preferences or perhaps become bored with our art. A natural phenomena – so don’t feel you should question this thought/s or action. Change also occurs for ‘Art Collectors’ who will revise and refine their collections constantly.

After all, we grow as individuals and as such updating is reasonable!

Fun and further festivities are around the corner. I would like to extend to you, family, spouses and friends an exciting 2015 ahead and to make the most of your wishes. I certainly will be urging mine to become reality!

Happy New Year and Regards!

Yours in art,
Mark Widdup
CHG Director

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