Mark Widdup’s 2014 Christmas Message

Problems, problems… No, consider them as challenges! Is there a simple yet obvious way to defuse the chaos at times surrounding us all with the Christmas festive season upon us?

My recommendation to defuse the tension at this time. Close your eyes for 60 seconds and take 3 deep breaths and slowly exhale, do this at least each hour of one’s day!

This mini self-conscious moment will get you centred.

Perhaps we should incorporate this behaviour every day!

No excuse not to. Surely, we all have time for the power of ‘self-focus’ daily!

mark widdup

An additional Christmas and New Year thought I would like to share with you is try to mend one strained relationship over the next week. However not before 27th December. Time out only applies for most of us from this date forward when the festive dates of Christmas and Boxing Day are concluded.

Why not do the unexpected for that person? Yet not forgetting those closest to you – i.e. your partner or closest friend.

For the strained party, extend the offer of kind communication, maybe a text, card or phone call if you dare! After all the worst that can happen is a ‘hang up’, ‘a grunt’ or a ‘no’.

Be satisfied you have made the first move; over time this gesture could be recognised by the other. The effort of extending an approach whilst not being welcomed initially, will offer a ‘positive’ eventually, perhaps.

It’s unknown if it will be valued.

That’s not the point anyway. Don’t have a mindset of expectation or presumption, then we can accept whatever happens.

Trying and not giving up is the positive, albeit it may not result with an action or reply!

They say this festive season is a time for giving – sure. The trick here is not to expect a reciprocal response, often hard to accept, however the example of doing will culminate in a feeling of general well-being.

My thoughts are with you, our valued Cooks Hill Galleries clients, artists, friends of the gallery, suppliers, and social media followers of which you are now many and everywhere all over the world!

My wish is that as the challenges of the year ahead come to you – you will be up to finding the answers and responses that will suit all involved.

Merry Christmas and the best of the season to you. Have a happy, safe and healthy 2015.

Warm regards and enjoy your art for it will continue to deliver pleasure 24/7!

Yours in art,
Mark Widdup
CHG Director

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