Is this Australia’s best pastel artist?

Rod Bathgate has been a long term exhibitor at Cooks Hill Galleries, one of Australia’s leading commercial art galleries.

Arguably one of Australia’s most accomplished pastel artists, he captures the Newcastle coastal seascape panorama with the familiarity and comfort of a local! He is the definitive Newcastle artist, having grown up at the beach with surfing culture and a love of the ocean well ingrained in his psych!

rod bathgate

Rod Bathgate – The Big Blue

His style conveys an atmospheric realism featuring the landscape and seascape subject matter, which captures the essence of the Newcastle coastal region. He paints with soul, commitment and passion. His convincing manner of capturing light on water, dappled light play in a forest, or harbour water reflection is astounding. In fact, it appears he seeks the phenomena at all times of the day! This love of shadows, the reference of looking through the water and the patterns lead the viewer to a heavenly place that transcends the day to day, surely the embodiment of the pleasure associated with great art!

rod bathgate

Rod Bathgate – Fire In The Sky

What can’t he do with pastel is not known! It appears obvious to all who see his paintings, he has insight with this medium rarely seen internationally as well as Australia wide. His current 2014 exhibition is a further step for all to witness the assurance he has with his unique art skill.

Please visit the exhibition which is currently on show at Cooks Hill Galleries to experience the wondrous nature of Rod Bathgate’s art, and mastery of the pastel. Once you have please tell me, Is this Australia’s best pastel artist?

rod bathgate

Rod Bathgate – The Great North Walk

If your curious and yearn for more of Rod Bathgate’s story please review my previous blog post ‘Has Australian Artist Rod Bathgate Perfected Pastel Painting?’

We look forward to seeing you at the Gallery for Rod’s new show ‘Gold Haunts – New Visions’.

Yours in art,

Mark Widdup
CHG Director

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  1. Congratulations on a good article, and more importantly, recognising the talent and skill of a realist artist.

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