A Hint of the Whimsical and a Touch of Magic From a Master Artisan

Steve Glassborow is a frequent exhibitor at the Cooks Hill Galleries, who as a rule has presented a successful yearly exhibition for nearly two decades! An incredible achievement from any artist.

Glassborow is an active professional sculptor, formerly trained in the UK he is usually associated with bronze figurative sculpture. 2014 sees him offering a new and exciting collection with a difference. Steve has developed a new price point for purchasing his sculpture!

steve glassborow


What does this mean? Steve Glassborow has developed a new series of miniature bronze sculptures that will allow many loyal followers of his work, who have previously been unable to secure a bronze to acquire a unique piece for their collection. A beautiful and exciting addition to any home or office.

Traditionally, Glassborow has focused on a variety of scaled bronzes! His larger more notable corporate sculptures include the Hilton Hotel – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shanghai, China, Seoul, Korea, Singapore. The Sydney casino and two significant bronzes outside the Sheraton on the Park Hotel on Elizabeth Street, Sydney. These cement him as one of our great masters of his craft.

steve glassborow


His new collection of miniature bronze sculptures is priced between $1,900 – $3,200. This represents great value for limited edition bronzes with a bespoke patination. Consequently I envisage we will sell out quickly before 2014 concludes with many clients identifying his work as a beautiful Christmas gift.

Having just completed a demonstration of the bronze development process as part of our latest Cooks Hill Galleries art experience, where he revealed the unique patination process, one can appreciate the skill this artisan has developed over decades of working with the bronze medium. Steve has introduced us to colour patination, which makes the sculpture even more appealing and of interest. The brown or brown black patination is replaced with colour, energy and excitement, how fabulous!

steve glassborow


There is a hint of the whimsical in much of Glassborow’s sculpture, the titling of his work is often the cue! Combined with forms that are visually remarkable many of his works create a tension that balances the figurative sculpture juxtaposed with a focal point.

steve glassborow


One cannot wait to ask “how does he do it?”

The answer; experience, trial and error and good design supported by years of testing! Although Steve does like to express the immerging figurative form, his sci fi influence is obvious and expresses the evolving form, turning the simple, say a harmless pile of cubes into the magical! Gravity seems to be dismissed favouring a wonderment left in its place.

Experience the wonderment at Cooks Hill Galleries until December 21st 2014.

Yours in art,
Mark Widdup
CHG Director

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