Inherited art – New generations may dump the baby with the bathwater!

inherited art art affair

“Hauling a Boat Ashore, Honfleur” by Claude Monet

It has been my observation that parents and grandparent’s artwork is not generally appreciated by the following generation!!

This can be for several reasons – perhaps they never introduced them to the art or took the time to explain, or never explained their passion and fascination with collecting beautiful and unique objects, or a range of other reasons!

Attitudes and responses to collecting and in this instance – visual art, have changed and continue to evolve! Following generations often want to generate cash by liquidating family assets. Initial thoughts or justification being to make cleaner dispersement of an estate – divisible and final. Perhaps they want to complete the estate in a hurry, or may have time limitations. It is always a big effort to navigate the dispersal of an estate.

Sometimes one doesn’t give the necessary planning or timing required – perhaps they should! They are making mistakes and in their interest to conclude the settlement of art items overlooking the best avenue for sale or not considering the best time to sell or where is the right market place for the specific work.

I implore you to take the time to get a professional opinion on the art you wish to dispose. Don’t get caught up in an art item or artwork which you don’t like. Think before you dispose of the chosen artwork. Your art taste will vary from others. Just because you don’t desire an artwork, it may appeal to another or even be collectable!

As always I’m available should you wish to discuss any work of art that has come into your possession in this manner!


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