What turns you on?

Art Affair Mark Widdup

“Court to Peacocks” by Norman Lindsay | ARTAFFAIR.COM.AU

It seems to me those without art are missing the rewards of ownership of which there are many.Art provides a setting and environment to live amongst! Imagine coming home to a house empty and void of artwork?

It is pleasurable and enjoyable to collect. One can spend a lifetime developing a collection or buying infrequently. When the passion collecting art is aroused we all behave slightly differently. No matter what the frequency of buying, it is the act of buying that is so pleasurable in itself! Then one shares it and relives the experience of acquisition with family & friends. If you don’t buy art it is difficult to understand those who do, and your involvement with art is not the same!

For the more seasoned buyer they even develop a shopping or wish list of what they would like to buy in the future. Art buying is a learning process as well. As we collect we learn about artists and the artworks quality, apart from gaining a better understanding of our own art tastes & preferences.

Art also plays a major part in the minimalist look in architecture today. An artwork well positioned and proportioned can complete the modern home design of today.

My focus for collecting has been for the love of collecting as the driving force. Developing ones eye to recognise quality of art is pleasing and to enjoy the experience of viewing all art and styles is fascinating in itself! Keep an open mind.

The meeting of an artist at the gallery is never to be underestimated on several levels. Usually at an opening or chance visit, artists have something to say which is often interesting. They may introduce you to a different way of thinking or offer a different perspective to a social, moral or artistic issue. This engagement of conversation is both stimulating and informative.In some instances an artist is not the person to meet when discussing their work. For many they express their thoughts and inspirations via the artwork itself.

Not all people are ‘in tune’ with art! A fact presented in the human race – we don’t all have the same taste! Some don’t ‘get it’ but that’s not to say you won’t in the future. Often we need an entrée to art initially. For those of you who have art in their lives it would have come from many avenues:-family collecting history, influence and inspiration of a friend, meeting an artist or collector that inspires you to take the first step. Education opens up the confidence to collect, travel and Museum exhibitions or many more reasons. For those who like art and want to acquire it, it makes them feel good. I love my art! We usually collect because we get a response from the art we like and choose to buy it. It’s this feeling and attraction to art which is exciting. It is only you who can detect how you feel about art! When I look at art, I look for something that is arresting – a response that tells me I’m in front of an artwork that is talking to me only. I then realise others may be affected also. It beckons to me to react! It is a natural response and a genuine one. It is a true and pure response. Should you feel this, it indicates you have formed an affinity with an artwork. Should we ignore this feeling, we usually regret the act of not purchasing at the time. On going, we are reminded of the pleasure and feeling the artwork gave us. This can be a very intense response usually ending up at a point in our life where we remember the place, time and moment we developed the passion of the art discovery.

Historically, socially, by religious order, passion, ego, to enhance one’s décor/lifestyle, a store of wealth – all have been driving forces to hold and acquire the treasured original artwork. Art is available to all, so don’t ever think it to be elitist. Art is also available to most budgets and is offered in a diversity of styles, size, and mediums. Your challenge is to find what you like and realise it may not be what your partner may desire. Work on that, and develop the art interest and education together!

My recommendation is to acquire the original artwork or limited edition rather than the more manufactured and or reproduced. I feel one is closer to the maker with an original artwork. One can relate by touch, feel and smell as well. The rewards of ownership are much more exciting and the fact that you own an individual and original artwork is more satisfying. Should you desire a contemporary artwork remember your purchase will assist the artist to survive.

Talk to a gallery you trust to find out the more enduring art to collect or challenge them with what you have found which will lead to an interesting discussion I’m sure.

Happy hunting and deciding what turns you on art wise!

Mark Widdup
June 2013

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