The art of passion, have you got it? Australian Art

One that got away… Brett Whiteley “Entrance to Newcastle Harbour, Nobby’s.” | ARTAFFAIR.COM.AU

I was reminded by a question asked of me this week, what do you like about working at the gallery?

I was tested for a moment and then commenced to suggest the primary enjoyment is discovering, viewing and qualifying fine artworks. It doesn’t matter if it is amateur, mid career artist or an established artist. I have my antennae out for the art that exhibits passion. If it is an established artist where the career is viewed with a reputation, I like to discover their better works of art. What subjects, style, period of their art reflects quality? Or where their artwork is tested and one can declare it is a fine example? Conversely if it is the emerging artist, I seek the enduring qualities which indicate I have identified the individual.

The test process for me is assisted by viewing thousands of artworks such that upon viewing, one can reflect on the history of past viewing. However comparison of artworks by the one artist is not an overly complicated process!

Let me know if you want to establish a workman-like examination to qualify the better artwork?

To me the aesthetic analysis of an artwork must be communicated on two understandings; for the maker, sometimes what is valued will not be reflected in the same manner as for an owner. After all not surprising really, as the two parties have different agendas and experience when they approach an artwork. The artist is the builder and has the experience of making and all that it entails. The owner becomes the appreciator often finding themselves challenged, excited and engaged. - Australian Art

Another one that got away… William Dobell “Billy Boy”| ARTAFFAIR.COM.AU

Apart from that, I enjoy the commentary about the controversy of art itself! It is one of the true subjects in the world today where there is no shortage of opinions.

So let’s have some passionate stories from you about the art you love or fell in love with and couldn’t resist. Or perhaps the one-that-got-away story, we all have those !!!!

Mark Widdup

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