Australian Art Collection Advice from Mark Widdup

Australian Artist Bruce Rowland, Mark Widdup and Cooks Hill Galleries Client | Art Affair |Australian Art

Australian Artist Bruce Rowland, Mark Widdup and Cooks Hill Galleries Client | Art Affair |Australian Art


The visual arts have been appreciated and have adorned our walls and living spaces for centuries. It has been acknowledged as an asset, an expression of wealth and decoration over the ages. Furthermore it has been viewed as a hedge against difficult times as a store of wealth, particularly in times of war and challenges over a kingdom. In effect, it has had the ‘test of time’ as proof that visual arts are appreciated and regarded as important assets to hold as they retain their value even in times of adversity.

Today we mainly apply 2D art to our homes and offices with a growing number of 3D installations of sculpture as an architectural compliment and to occupy spaces within the home. So art becomes part of our lifestyle and our living environments. It is worth noting also that art displaying high quality or that of the reputed artisan is held in esteem and valued highly!


Art as an investment can be identified as a ‘store of wealth’ and coveted as a finite enhancement to ones life. In this homogeneous world an individual artwork stands alone! It should be recognised as the ‘one off’ it is; made even more unique because it is an original creation. It commands the eye of the collector and the aspirant.

Not all appreciate art! In fact only a relatively small percentage of the population appreciate it. This is changing, as witnessed by the demand for block buster art exhibitions touring Nationally and Internationally to an audience who can’t get enough. Plus the availability of art information, so easily accessed and the use of the media to de mystify art making it so accessible. Today touring art exhibitions are promoted as a rock festival, an expo, a major film release and supports a merchandising line that feeds the art interest as with the flow of information.

Art education has become more widespread, significant and accepted today within schools, institutions and via boutique art courses. This augers well for art appreciation and knowledgeable collectors in the future.


Art can be shared with family and friends, an ego pursuit, a tradeable asset, an investment, an interiors enhancement all adding to one’s quality of life.

To have an asset that has the potential to grow in value, admired daily and offer enjoyment to many especially to its owner sounds to me as quite fantastic! By comparison-there are minimal costs after the purchase price unlike many other investments e.g. property- rates and maintenance, tenants etc. It has another great advantage as it is mostly portable, as you move it can follow.

Collecting art can be at any level; from the novice to the enthusiast or the focussed eclectic through to the serious collector. It is also an interest, pastime or compulsion where one can develop their art preferences over time and explore centuries of art history. Remember art investment should be considered as providing a longer term return.

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